Max-Clean Carpet Care
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Carpet Cleaning- Carpet is divide into two categories for cleaning purposes, natural or synthetic fibers.  Synthetic fibers make up most of the carpets in homes today, This group is comprised of nylon, olefin, and polyester.  This group responds well to cleaning processes and most water based soils and stains are removed.  Natural fibers include wool and respond well to cleaning process, but 100% spot and stain removal may not always be achieved, and carpet may take longer to dry. A pre-inspection by the technician will determine fiber type. A complete carpet cleaning includes the following



  1. Pre-inspection to determine fiber and appropriate cleaning method
  2. Pre-Vacuum 79% of soil in carpet can be removed in the dry state.  We use heavy duty commercial vacuums that also act to fluff up the pile so that the pre-treatment can work even better.
  3. Pre-treatment All areas to be cleaned are pre-treated, not just traffic lanes.  This step acts to suspend embedded soils and stains so they can be released in the process.  We do not use soaps, instead we use solvents.  If pet stains are an issue we use an acid base pre-treatment that causes urine salts etc to be released.  The appropriate pre-treatment is determined by the technician.
  4. Neutral Steam Extraction  This is were the results are seen 200 degree water comes from our truck at no more than 400 psi and flushes soils and stains from the carpet.  It then returns to the truck through a high power vacuum hose for later disposal.  We use a neutral rinse solution that leaves colors clean, bright and soft.
  5. Protector (Optional) if you would like to preserve the quality of the cleaning and extend the life of the carpet. A genuine Scotchgard protector can be applied.  This is required by carpet mills to keep your warranty in effect. 
  6.  Post grooming and drying  carpet is raked to stand up pile and aid drying, also of protector was applied this step embeds protector into fibers.  If dry times are a concern carpet drying fans can be left until the next day.  


  Upholstery Cleaning-Upholstery can be divided into the same categories as carpet, Natural and Synthetic fibers with the addition of cotton.  Cotton is a very delicate fabric and requires dry foam shampoo instead of traditional steam cleaning.  If furniture to be cleaned is synthetic, wool or a synthetic cotton blend, It can be wet cleaned.  The same steps as used above for carpet are applied with more care.  System used does not inject water through the fabric to the cushion behind the fabric. 

 Ceramic tile-Ceramic tile floors and showers are cleaned using a two stage pre-treatment to remove oil, soils and soap scum. 



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